Lifx Smart Lights

A little highlight never hurt anybody. Brighten up your bedroom, living room or the dining area with LIFX smart lights. Available in an array of colours and styles, these lights are the perfect addition for your home. at Crystal Palace Lighting, we offer LIFX tile sets, beams, starter kits and a lot more. Browse through our website to find what suits your needs best.
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Regular price $299.99 AUD
LIFX Z LED Starter Kit
Regular price $129.99 AUD
LIFX Tile Set
Regular price $799.98 AUD
LIFX Mini White Packs
$139.96 AUD
LIFX BR30+ Packs
$399.96 AUD
LIFX A60 Smart Packs
$329.96 AUD
LIFX A60+ Smart Packs
$399.96 AUD