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View our full range of downlights here, including modern LED downlights, downlight accessories and a wide assortment of downlight designs. Our range includes adjustable downlights and downlight bars, allowing you to get creative with your lighting and change the interior lighting design of your home however you want. Our downlights are all high-quality products, tried and tested to guarantee quality. If you need downlights for lighting outdoor areas, hallways, staircases or any other room, we can provide the lighting you need. Use them to light rooms or highlight specific design features. The choice is yours. Order online today for quick delivery.
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9W Downlight
$10.00 AUD
  • SatinChrome
  • White
10W Dimmable, Cut Out 70mm
Regular price $28.00 AUD
30W Dimmable Cut Out 150-180mm
Regular price $84.00 AUD
20W Dimmable Cut Out 150-180mm
Regular price $75.00 AUD
20W Dimmable Cut Out 175-200mm
Regular price $85.00 AUD
16W Dimmable Cut Out 150-175mm
Regular price $64.00 AUD
13W Dimmable Cut Out 110-135mm
Regular price $48.00 AUD
7w 70-80mm Cut Out
Regular price $20.00 AUD
10W LED Eyelid
Regular price $30.00 AUD
13W Frameless
Regular price $45.00 AUD