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Crystal Pendant Lighting

Elegant and sophisticated, crystal pendant lighting can be used to add a touch of luxury to any room. Crystal pendant lights are often similar to chandeliers but are smaller and more versatile in design. This makes them fantastic additions to many interior designs, adding something special without being overwhelming. At Crystal Palace Lighting we have a wide range of crystal pendant lights designed to meet your lighting needs. Our friendly team is here to help you find the perfect light. If you have any questions about our products, give us a call today on 0397 291 588.

Pendant Lights of All Styles

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Crystal pendant lights are even more special, with intricate designs and gorgeous crystal aesthetics. Use one to make a statement in your lounge or make use of several to create a theme throughout your home. These lights are perfect for bathrooms, adding a touch of sophisticated luxury. They can be hung almost anywhere, providing light that is enough but isn't overwhelming. Browse our range online and explore our options for pendant lights.

    Your Local Lighting Experts

    If you can't find the exact light you're looking for, don't panic! Just have a chat with our expert team. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, we have connections all across the industry. We can track down the light you're looking for and order it for you. Through connections with local and international manufacturers and suppliers, our team can even help you design and build your own custom lighting, built to suit your needs perfectly. Ask us about this service today and get the lights that you've been dreaming of.

    Buy Crystal Pendant Lighting Online

    The beauty of crystal pendant lights is that they are just as beautiful when they're off as when they're on. During the day a well-placed pendant can fill a space with glittering light. They're both practical and stylish, offering a fantastic lighting solution for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the home. At Crystal Palace Lighting we also offer a wide range of other floor, table and pendant lights, each designed to meet different needs for style and design. Many of our pendants come with matching lamps or wall lights, allowing you to theme your lighting throughout your home and keep your interior design consistent. Browse our range online or visit us in-store today and see the full beauty of our lights in person.

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    Amadeus Pendant
    Regular price $312.40 AUD
    Amadeus Table Lamp
    Regular price $419.20 AUD
    Amsterdam Pendant
    Regular price $844.80 AUD
    Cassandre Pendant
    Regular price $544.50 AUD
    Cherry Table Lamp
    Regular price $314.40 AUD
    Dahlia Pendant
    $367.20 AUD
    Dragonfly Pendant
    $235.20 AUD
    Gentiana Shade
    Regular price $85.00 AUD
    • Teal
    • Red
    • Beige
    Gentiana Table Lamp
    $182.40 AUD
    • Teal
    • Red
    • Beige
    Green Majorelle Pendant
    Regular price $378.00 AUD
    Green Majorelle Table Lamp
    Regular price $393.60 AUD
    Honey Beige Pendant
    Regular price $282.20 AUD
    Lacie Batten Fix
    Regular price $198.00 AUD
    Lacie Pendant
    Regular price $235.20 AUD
    Logan Pendant
    Regular price $182.40 AUD
    Lotus Shade
    Regular price $76.80 AUD
    • Red
    • Green
    • Teal
    • Pink
    • Beige
    Lotus Table Lamp
    $154.80 AUD
    • Teal
    • Green
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Beige
    Michelazzi Pendant
    Regular price $367.20 AUD
    Monarch Pendant
    Regular price $340.80 AUD
    Petal Table Lamp
    Regular price $261.60 AUD
    Petalia Batten Fix
    Regular price $165.00 AUD
    Petalia Pendant
    Regular price $235.20 AUD
    Pink Annie Table Lamp
    Regular price $154.80 AUD
    Pink Melba Pendant
    Regular price $393.60 AUD
    Red Majorelle 16" Pendant
    Regular price $358.80 AUD
    Red Majorelle Table Lamp
    Regular price $393.60 AUD
    Red Tulip Pendant
    $235.20 AUD
    Rhulemann Pendant
    Regular price $362.20 AUD
    St George Pendant
    Regular price $314.40 AUD