Pergola and Tree Lights

Pergolas and trees are fantastic things to have in your outdoor areas. ... Read MoreThese already look beautiful on their own during the day, but at night, you can elevate them further by outfitting them with beautiful lights. The end result is a stunning, breathtaking outdoor space that will surely be the envy of your neighbours. If you're looking to take the pergola and trees in your yard to the next level, Crystal Palace Lighting can help make that happen.

At Crystal Palace Lighting, we have a massive range of pergola lights, tree lights, and other lighting fixtures to outfit your patio, garden, or backyard. If you're unsure where to start, or have something specific in mind, talk to our friendly team today. With years of experience behind us, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. We have one of the largest ranges of outdoor lighting solutions in the country. Browse our options online today or visit us in-store and see our lights in person.

Best Pergola Lighting Ideas

The pergola is a beautiful addition to any yard. From providing shade and privacy to creating a breakfast area overlooking the sunrise, they are versatile and can be customised to suit your needs. We have rounded up some of our favourite pergola lighting ideas that will add ambiance to your outdoor living space without being too intrusive:

Curtain Lights

Curtain lights are attached to the structure's perimeter beam at the roof and consist of strings of LED lights spaced approximately one foot apart that dangle down to the floor. This is a great way to provide ambient light in your pergola because it hangs down from the ceiling and looks like a curtain blowing in the wind.

Hampton-style Pendant Lights

The Hampton-style pendant is a classic fixture often seen in outdoor spaces. This stylish fixture has a simple, open design that can be used to illuminate pergolas, porches, and patios. Hampton-style pendants are available in various finishes, including bronze, matte black, brushed nickel, and satin nickel.

Sconces on the Posts

Your pergola posts are suitable places for adding some extra light at night. They'll create a warm ambiance perfect for relaxing after dark or enjoying a meal outdoors under the stars. Installing some sconces onto your pergola posts is a relatively simple and inexpensive project. Just mount your sconces of choice to the outer part of the posts. You can even go old-school and use candle sconces to create a romantic atmosphere. However, electric ones are more permanent and practical.

Best Tree Lighting Ideas

Decorating your backyard and front yard trees with intricate lighting is perhaps the most practical thing you can do to beautify your outdoor spaces. Here are some of the best lighting options to consider:

Fairy String Lights

Fairy string lights are the perfect solution if you want to add some sparkle to your garden or patio area. They come in many colours, including red, blue, white, green, purple, and pink. The fairy lights are attached to a thin wire, making them easy to hang up wherever you want them.

They are frequently strung from branch to branch around the tree's lowest limbs and the trunk rather than around the entire tree. String lights are often battery operated, making them more convenient than connecting power to your home. String lights are handy in an entertainment location with patio chairs beneath the string lights or when hosting an event outside at night. They're fantastic for ambient lighting, but they're not ideal if you need high visibility.

Christmas Lights

Perhaps the most popular and traditional option to illuminate a tree, Christmas lights are not just for Christmas anymore. These lights are immediately recognizable to anyone. They're bright, festive, and can twinkle in intricate sequences. Christmas trees will instantly add character to the trees in your outdoor spaces.

Hanging Lanterns

A simple way to make your trees look beautiful is by hanging lanterns from them. This works best if the trees are tall enough to prevent the lanterns from getting hit by people passing by. You could also hang them from hooks on the trunks of the trees for an interesting effect. The best thing about hanging lanterns is that they don't require any installation.

Our Lighting Experts Can Help

The team at Crystal Palace Lighting has more than 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, and they know how lights work in a space and with each other. You can visit our store, show us your plan, and we can advise you on selecting the best pergola and tree lights for your yard. We will also help you create a custom lighting solution that matches your needs and budget.

We have adequate parking space, ensuring that your trip to our store won't create any hassle for you. We pride ourselves on providing genuine customer service and are here to help anytime.

Browse Our Range Online

Several designer pergola and tree lights are available at Crystal Palace. Whether you're looking for something simple or extravagant, contemporary or classical, we've got you covered with our wide selection of products at all price points.

Please browse our range online today or visit us in-store and see the complete range in person. If you want more information on designing pergolas and trees with lights, call our team today on 0397 291 588. Read Less...
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