Bathroom Vanity Lights

Light up your morning with a set of bathroom vanity lights. These lights are designed to add a bit of style to your bathroom and a bit of light to your morning routine. Typically sitting either to the side of your mirror or above it, vanity lights can help you see what you're doing in the morning all while looking fantastic. There are so many options to choose from, each with their own distinct style and design. Browse our range online and find the perfect vanity lights for your interior design.

Browse Our Range Online

We stock a wide range of bathroom vanity lights online and in-store, but if you can't find exactly the kind of light you're looking for, have a chat with our friendly team! With more than 40 years of experience behind them, Tony and the team at Crystal Palace Lighting can source and order any light you may be looking for. Don't be afraid to take advantage of our knowledge either! We love helping people choose lights, and are more than happy to help you match lights to your interior design. Come and visit us in-store today and discover a whole new world of lighting.

    How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity Lights

    When choosing a bathroom vanity light, it's best to start by looking at your existing design and matching it. Many vanity lights are sleek and stylish, fitting a modern theme that looks good in most bathrooms. The most important part of choosing vanity lights is arguably their ability to create natural-looking lighting, and their coverage. Spotty lighting as you're doing your makeup isn't going to do you any favours. Neither is light that causes your skin to appear different in the mirror. You want lights that produce natural white light, light that will mimic daylight and make you look as natural as possible in the mirror. Many people opt for LED lighting around their mirror for these reasons but don't forget to match your interior design as well, or your mirror will end up looking very out of place. Don't hesitate to ask our team for design advice! Call us on 0397 291 588 today.

    Talk to the Experts at Crystal Palace

    Sometimes all it takes is the right set of bathroom vanity lights to complete your bathroom design. If you're looking to create the perfect lights for your bathroom our team can help you design and create your very own custom lights. Our team can assess your interior design and help you to design lights that fit your needs perfectly. For more information on this service talk to our team today, or visit us in-store.

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