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Browse our range of ceiling lights online and discover pendant lights, chandelier style, traditional lighting and more. We stock a wide range of lighting styles to suit all interior designs. Whether you're lighting your lounge room, kitchen or anywhere else, we have ceiling lights to suit your needs tastes. Accentuate aspects of your home with tastefully placed pendant lighting, or go for something a bit more bold with our range of designer lighting options. The choice is yours. Order online today and get fast delivery.
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Nova 2 Light Wall Light, 2 Colour Options
Regular price $225.00 AUD
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
Saturn Nimbus Pendant
$539.00 AUD
  • TextureBlack
  • TextureWhite
  • BrushedGold(450600&800mmonly)
  • BrushedNickel(450600&800mmonly)
Beaded Pendant
Regular price $195.00 AUD
  • 8"whitemottled
  • 8"pinkmottled
  • 8"ambergreenmottled
  • 8"ambermottled
Lacie Batten Fix
Regular price $198.00 AUD
Replica Maxhedron Pendant Light
Regular price $860.00 AUD
Red Majorelle 16" Pendant
Regular price $358.80 AUD
Slimline Ring Pendant Triple 40+60+80cm
Regular price $794.00 AUD
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
Isabelle Petite Crystal Pendant
Regular price $398.00 AUD
  • TextureBlack
  • TextureWhite
  • BrushedGold(450600&800mmonly)
  • BrushedNickel
Cathedral Chandelier
Regular price $18,480.00 AUD
Wembley Pendant
$237.00 AUD
  • Black
  • White
  • AntiqueGoldWhite
Bubble Replica 5 Light Pendant
Regular price $780.00 AUD