Asfour Crystal Lighting - Crystal Palace Lighting

Asfour Crystal Lighting

Asfour crystal chandeliers feature only the highest quality 30% lead crystal produced by Asfour in Egypt. 

A Crystal that is engraved.

With the ASFOUR emblem is one that is truly priceless. Having that emblem on your piece of crystal simply means that it will remain as beautiful as the day you acquired it for decades, if not centuries, to come. Every single piece of crystal that is released from ASFOUR Crystal factories undergoes rigorous inspection and testing before it receives the ASFOUR emblem trademark engraving and becomes available for the world to contemplate on and admire. ASFOUR Crystal piece is guaranteed to never change colour and to contain absolutely no blurs, bubbles or streaks. It will never change colour and its sheen and spectrum of light and colours will remain luminous and radiant for life. ASFOUR crystals are forever. The emblem will be on all crystal over 2 inchs in size.

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