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Gold Finished Lights

The allure of gold-finished lights is undeniable, ... Read Moreand it doesn't seem like a fad that's going away. There is something about gold fixture finish that speaks of uniqueness, glamour, and affluence. However trendy these are today, they have actually been around for hundreds of years. They can be found in an abundance of shapes and sizes, from large chandeliers to small sconces.

Are you looking for a way to add more class, elegance, and beauty to your place? Do you want your house to shine like the A-list Hollywood actors' homes? Crystal Palace Lighting is your premier source for exquisite gold finished lights.

At Crystal Palace Lighting , we have a massive range of gold finished lights, with many styles available, including heritage, contemporary, modern, antique, and more. If you're unsure where to start, or have something specific in mind, talk to our friendly team today. With years of experience behind us, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. We have one of the largest ranges of gold lighting designs in the country. Browse our options online today or visit our designed lighting store in Melbourne and see our lights in person.

Gold Finished Lighting Options

When it comes to adding some gold elements to your home, there is no better place to start than with your lighting. Whether you are looking for a little bit of subtlety or making a statement, gold-finished lights will add elegance and style to any room. Here are some gold lighting fixtures to consider:

Gold Pendant Lights

A pendant light can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a wall. These lights are great for illuminating an area over a kitchen island or dining table, and they can also be used as task lights in the bathroom. There are many different kinds available online and in stores, from industrial styles to chic, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

Gold Chandeliers

Nothing screams elegance like golden chandeliers. These lights have a timeless design and are flexible enough to suit traditional and modern themes. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are more ornate, while others come in abstract imaginative shapes and lines. There is no debate; adding golden chandeliers to your decorating plans will surely elevate the level of sophistication of your room.

Gold chandeliers are also an excellent option for business settings because gold as a metal has been used for centuries to symbolise wealth, power, and prestige. They convey tremendous character in hotel lounges and similar rooms where you want to make an impression.

Gold Sconces

Sconces are very popular in both residential/commercial buildings because they provide a great deal of light without taking up too much space on the wall. They can be used alone or in groups depending on your needs. Sconces are available in many different finishes, such as bronze, brass, and nickel, but gold-finished sconces are one of the most popular choices. While sconces can be considered the supporting roles to the breathtaking gold chandeliers and other fixtures, the whole ensemble of gold lighting is not quite complete without them.

Gold Floor Lamps

A great place to start when looking at gold lighting is with floor lamps. These lamps can be placed on a dining room corner or near an entryway. Floor lamps provide ambient light around the room and give off a warm glow that makes any room feel comfortable and cosy. The colour of the shade on your floor lamp will also influence how it looks when lit up at night. You'll find shades in many shades of gold, including antique gold and champagne gold.

Gold Finished Lanterns

Lanterns are a fantastic way to add some fun and character to any room in the house. From traditional lanterns made out of wrought iron with intricate designs carved into them to more contemporary styles with simple shapes and designs, there's something for everyone when it comes to gold-finished lanterns. These fixtures are also ideal for illuminating your outdoor areas as your patios, decks, or pool surrounds.

Good Old-Fashioned Service

The team at Crystal Palace Lighting has more than 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, and they know how lights work in a space and with each other. You can visit our store, show us your plan, and we can provide you with expert advice on selecting the best gold finished lights for your home. We will also help you create a custom lighting solution that matches your needs and budget.

Furthermore, our store features different ceiling heights so you can imagine how our products would work in your place. We have adequate parking space, ensuring that your trip to our store won't create any hassle for you. We pride ourselves on providing genuine customer service and are here to help anytime.

Gold Finished Light Designs to Suit Every Style

Several designer gold-finished lights are available at Crystal Palace. Whether you're looking for something simple or extravagant, contemporary or classical, we've got you covered with our wide selection of products at all price points.

Please browse our range online today or visit us in-store and see the complete range in person. If you want more information on gold finished lights, call our team today on 0397 291 588. Read Less...
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