Why do Interior Designers advise not to use overhead lights?

We thought we would answer this one little question for you.

Why do Interior Designers advise not to use overhead lights?

Well it’s all about vanity, it can make you look bad! If you have an overhead light you can get really ugly shadows on your face, just as if you have a light underneath you makes it can make look like you’re in a scary movie. It doesn’t look so good. 

The ideal lighting on the human face is about a 45 degree angle away (casts a nice glow) and the more defused the lighting is, the more beautiful the lighting will be. It’s kind of why candles are so flattering, they hit you at that perfect angle and they’re just soft and flickering.

That’s also why chandeliers are so nice! Because rarely does anybody stand underneath a chandelier. Normally you’re about a 45 degree angle away, there may be a table, a countertop or a bed in the way. The same goes for a table lamp or a floor lamp, if you’re sitting down it can hit you at that perfect angle.   

Does that mean recessed lights are bad to use? No. You need to use them in some places because they functionally work and you can’t exactly have 10 chandeliers hanging down in your kitchen. So just make sure when you do use overhead lighting like recessed lights that you don’t put them directly overhead, but if you do have to, just make sure you put it on a dimmer, that way you can defuse it. So the softer the light is the less harsh the shadows are.

As as long as you follow this rule your room will look spectacular.. and so will you.

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